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About Paint

Paint finishes or Sheens available from today's paint manufacturers:

- Flat
- Matte
- Eggshell
- Satin / Pearl
- Semi-gloss
- High gloss

Different manufacturers group the finishes differently. Some consider
flat and matte to be the same. Satin and Pearl are considered to be the
same. Manufacturers describe the paint finish by the percentage of
gloss within the paint. For instance 0% gloss would be considered dull
and un-reflective and 100% gloss is almost mirror-like. The values for
percent gloss vary, as do the terms.

So, let's break it down between each finish so you can better
understand what they are all used for.

Flat Paint Finish

Used on walls and ceilings
Camouflages or hides wall bumps, cracks, and imperfections
This finish does not reflect light
Real flat finish paint (not to be mixed up with matte) cannot usually
be washed unless specified by the manufacturer
Touch ups are required for scratches and marks

Matte Paint Finish

Used on Interior walls
This is a type of flat finish paint which contains microscopic, ceramic
beads and stain resistant technology
Provides a protective surface to resist the absorption of stains
Highly washable finish
Also hides surface imperfections like flat paint
Easily touched up

Eggshell Paint Finish

Very low sheen almost like that of an actual egg shell
Used on interior walls

Satin or Pearl Paint Finish

Velvety / Smooth finish with more gloss than eggshell
Best finish to use as the base for faux finishes – keeps the glaze
movable on the surface
Can be used on walls, windows, doors, trim, and even ceilings
Great paint finish for kids’ room walls, kitchens, and bathrooms
Used in high traffic areas

Semi-Gloss Paint Finish

Subtle shine
Highlights imperfections, so don’t forget to prep first by filling
holes and fixing imperfections
Mostly used on doors, trim, and cabinets
Very washable

High-Gloss Paint Finish

Has the look of enamel or plastic
Very reflective
Used for dramatic looks on cabinets, trim, and furniture
Highly magnifies any surface blemishes & imperfections
Surface prep is a must when planning on using a gloss finish paint
So, I would stick with using flat paint for ceilings in bedrooms,
living rooms and dining rooms. You will most likely not need to do any
touch ups due to moisture or staining. A kitchen or bathroom is another
story. Because of the moisture in these rooms – Go with a satin or
pearl finish paint on the ceiling and even walls.